HPLC 2019 Best Poster Award

During the HPLC2019 conference in Milan Noor Abdulhussain was awarded with the Best Poster Award for her poster titled:
Retention-Mechanism Study in Hydrodynamic Chromatography.
In short her poster addressed Hydrodynamic Chromatography (HDC), which is one of the most straightforward methods to achieve reliable size separations. In the project the existing HDC theory was revisited by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, to gain a better understanding of the underlying principles of this separation technique.

HPLC 2019 Third place Separation Science Slam

During the HPLC2019 conference in Milan Pascal Breuer was awarded with the third place in the Separation Science Slam, a newly introduced competition for young scientists. During this challenge, chosen applicants were given 10 minutes on the Separation Science Slam stage to inform, engage and thrill the audience – and jury – with the hard-earned results of their liquid chromatography-based research project.
Pascal, as described by others, shared the journey of two brother-molecules who traveled an adventurous route through an analytical liquid phase separation coupled to optical and mass-spectrometric imaging techniques accompanied by great (and loud) sound effects.

We would like to thank the organizers of HPLC 2019 in Milan and the sponsors Knauer, Merck and the Analytical Scientist for making this event possible and of course the audience for the great atmosphere during this challenge!